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WNRP Ep. 33: Friendship Missiles with Agustín Sieiro Barja

April 26, 2021

Today we had a great interview with our first International guest, Agustín Sieiro Barja aka GodandDavion. He is a Camo Specs artist and renown Tournament Organizer for the European Battletech Community. We talk painting, modeling, tournaments, the international scene (mostly Spain) and a bunch of other topics.

Plus upcoming events, and regimental news.



2:30 - Interview

1:31:46 - History Brief

1:37:15 - Upcoming Events

1:45:00 - Regimental update


Cast Members

Host: Matthew "Bloodbath" Behrens

Co Host: Andrew "Minnow" Krull

Co Host: Aaron "Coach" Krull

Co Host: Charles Gideon

Co Host: Thomas "Silent C Raven" Kruger

Special Guest: Agustín Sieiro Barja



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