WolfNet Radio: A Battletech Podcast

WNRP Ep. 27: Dime Bags with Blaine and Brent

December 1, 2020

Early Christmas present! Blaine Lee Pardoe and Brent Evans chat with the gang about their new venture together.

Creative Juggernaut and the Variant miniatures project, mentioned in the last Kickstarter Update, will enable players to fully customize their Battlemechs and other combat vehicles. We also discuss Children of Kerensky with the man who wrote it, and deep dive into the life of a part time Art Director ;)



Cast Members

Host: Matthew "Bloodbath" Behrens

Co Host: Andrew "Minnow" Krull

Co Host: Aaron "Coach" Krull

Co Host: Charles Gideon

Guest #1: Blaine Lee Pardoe

Guest #2: Brent Evans


Coach didn't take Time Stamp notes..... Bad Coach, Bad.

This Episode is proudly sponsored by Ares Games and Miniatures. You can find everything you need for your Battletech addiction at https://ariesgamesandminis.com/

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